Mom & Pop Winans
The Olympic's creed states, the most important thing in the Olympic games is not to win but to take part. We want to make sure Detroit's youth have the opportunity to take part. CYB plans to develop and nurture their God-given talents and abilities in swimming, basketball, gymnastics, ice-skating and more.
Olympic Competitive Training
Our children are the most precious aspects of our lives; without them there is no tomorrow. If we don't prepare our children to meet life's challenges, we have not trained our children to be competitive in the 21st century.

Academic Excellence
The CYB will empower young people to excel by providing recreational and cultural activities, as well as promote academic excellence.
Services & Training Provided

Early Enrollment
We at CYB are taking applications for those who qualify for our extensive training program. We are recommending that you apply early for acceptance.
Acceptance Requirements