Michele Hughes was born, July 9th, to the parents of Willie and Bernice Hughes. Willie retired from General Motors Corporation with thirty-three years of experience as a Skilled Tradesman and Bernice retired from the Detroit Board of Education as a School Social Worker-(MSW) with thirty years of experience. They were married for fifty-one years until her father went home to be with the Lord in 1999. They instilled in Michele and her siblings the importance of education; presently there are four Bachelor's degrees and four Master's degrees and one Electronic Computer Certificate. They provided there children with strong Christian values and morals. They also have been very supportive of all there children accomplishments. Michele is the fourth child of five siblings. Michele is single with no children; but she has a wealth of children, god children, nieces and nephews that she claims as her very own babies! (She is Blessed!) Please do not forget her adorable Cat, KiKi! (her baby, smile)

Michele accepted Christ into her life on July 15, 1978 in Toronto, Canada. Michele has been sunday school teacher, youth leader, youth director. She accepted the call to ministry in 1992, under the leadership of Pastor Marvin L. Winans of Perfecting Church, where she was a Minister on Ministerial Alliance. In 1998, She became the Founder and Pastor of Abundant Love Word Ministries. She presently is the Founder and President of Youth Upward Bound Learning Center. In 2001, Michele was Ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church. She is presently a member of World Harvest Church Ministerial Fellowship.
In 1981, Michele joined with entire family, the Word of Faith International Christian Center, under the leadership of Bishop Keith A. Butler; Michele presently along with other family members are honored to be members.
In 1993-1998, Business Owner, Entrepreneur of Hughes' Creations a Balloon and Floral Decorating Company where services were rendered to customers like Aretha Franklin, Vickie Winans, Perfecting Church, many valued customers, family and friends. In 1998-2002, She was President of Southeast Community Association (SECA) a community organization. In 2002-2005, Michele was also President of the Board for Community Youth Builders, the Founders/CEO, David (Pop) & Delores (Mom) Winans. 1986, Michele was elected a Precinct Delegate for the Democratic Congressional Party, and continued for over eight years. In 1981-1987, Michele became Chief Steward for AFSCME Council 25 and Acting President in Labor Negotiations for Frank Murphy Hall Of Justice and 36th District Court Criminal Division employees for the City of Detroit. In 1974-1976, Michele was Vice-President of the Black Action Theater Drama Club.

Michele has also held positions as an Account Executive for various companies, such as: Pitney Bowes Corporation, Ameritech, MCI World Com.

Michele has been a person of adventure. She sung in the choir for the late Ronald Winans on his Ron Winans & Friends album. She also modern danced with the Glory Dancers and performed at different venues like the Fox Theater; under the direction of Bill Gaither & Singers, and Orchestra. These are just some of her past time hobbies, which are singing, modern dancing and arts & crafts.

Michele Hughes Ministries consist of being a Youth Pastor to many youth who are out of fellowship with the Lord. She has been called the repairer of the breach between the church and the young person. The goal is to encourage the young person to establish a personal relationship with the Lord.

Michele Hughes Ministries emerged to address the increased concerns of our youth, and most notably during those non-school hours. The time when kids leave school and before their parents return home from work. It is during this critical time that kids need to feel safe and parents need the reassurance that their children are well-protected.

Michele has Hosted Radio programs such as: "Speak the Word Only" on WCHB and "Changing Your Health the Wholistic Way" on WQBH. Michele's goal is to teach the Word of God, while telling people the importance of having good health.

Michele is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary and University, May of 1997. She received a Masters of Arts in Ministry Management. Michele earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Detroit, May of 1987 in Business Administration. She majored in Marketing. Michele is presently attending Clayton College of Natural Health, She is a Candidate for a (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition degree program.
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